For Results You Can See And Your Dog Can Feel!

For Results You Can See And Your Dog Can Feel


What Is Clinical Canine Massage?​

Captain K9 Massage Therapy is completely results driven, aiming to improve your dog in just 1-3 treatments. I am able to help dogs by relaxing tight muscles, targeting specific areas of pain and injury, break down scar tissues and adhesions in order to improve a dog’s flexibility, mobility and comfort levels. This unique remedial massage utilises a combination of Swedish, sports, deep tissue and myofascial release enabling me to work from superficial to deep layers of muscle in order to achieve the best results for your dog.

Massage therapy is very individual and is always tailored to the needs of each dog.

If you are noticing any of the following signs and symptoms with your dog then please get in touch!

• Lameness/limping

• Stiffness

• Difficulty going up or down stairs

• Problems getting in or out of the car

• Slowing down before their time

• Hopping or skipping on back legs

• Arthritis, Hip dysplasia and other orthopaedic conditions

• Behaviour changes

• Reluctance to be groomed, petted or examined

• Gait or posture irregularities