For Results You Can See And Your Dog Can Feel!

For Results You Can See And Your Dog Can Feel


I attend many different shows throughout the year offering FREE muscular health checks for your dogs and providing advice on how to keep your dogs muscles healthy!

This is the lovely Poppy enjoying her maintenance massage. Poppy has a luxating patella and so undergoes regular massage sessions which help to support the whole body reducing areas of overcompensation and encouraging weight bearing on all limbs. 

Alfie and Mabel are very busy spaniels! They enjoy lots of exercise as well as weekly agility and rally training! They are also part of a demo and social team for a local dog training academy so they have maintenance massage to keep them in tip top condition for all their work!

Here we have Carmen the GSD  and Daisy the lab! Both have chronic orthopaedic conditions which can affect their mobility and daily activities. Regular massage sessions help to reduce inflammation and tension which in turn improves flexibility.