For Results You Can See And Your Dog Can Feel!

For Results You Can See And Your Dog Can Feel


Appointments and what to expect

Initial Appointment

This will last approximately 1 – 1.5hrs and will begin with a comprehensive consultation. During this time I will discuss with you many aspects of your dog’s life. I will also perform a gait analysis to look at how your dog moves and conduct a posture analysis looking at your dog’s natural position. After this I will undertake a physical palpation, feeling your dog’s superficial muscles to identify any areas of tension or changes in muscle texture.

During the first session a full body canine massage will be performed on your dog. This is the first step to improving the quality of your dog’s life.

Following the massage, feedback will be provided relating to any issues that have been found. I may also have some recommendations for you on daily living activities and any external environmental issues that may be contributing to any muscular condition presented. These will be given to you on a post treatment advice sheet for your reference.

Subsequent sessions

This will be a 60 minute appointment. This will include a brief consultation to up-date me on any changes or issues which have occurred since the last treatment, and a full body massage treatment.

As a member of the Canine Massage Guild I always work to best practice and this means that if I find an area of concern that massage is not suitable for I will refer you back to your vet or suggest other therapies that may be more suitable in order to attain the best result for your dog.